Announcing new chart show - The Pod 20

The Pod 20, hosted by multi-award winning presenter, Graham Mack, is a weekly show which will feature guest podcasters talking about their podcast, what they’ve been up to, what they’ve been listening to....and the top 20 podcasts according to Podcast Radio.

Graham’s first month will include the guests: Dom Joly, the host of ‘Earworm’; Konnie Huq and Liz Owens talking about ‘Thinking Out Loud’; and former talkSport presenter Mike Parry will be on to talk about his podcast, ‘Planet Porky’.

Graham said, “I’ve never hosted a chart show before and I’m really looking forward to it. The rocket that first took man to the moon didn’t launch until someone counted backwards for a bit!” Clever guy.

CEO of Podcast Radio, Gerry Edwards said, “The biggest challenge facing podcasters is discovery. By having a weekly chart that features hosts talking about their podcast, we can help people find interesting and entertaining things to listen to”.

The Podcast Radio chart will be compiled using download information and listener recommendations here on the Podcast Radio website.

It will be broadcast on-air at 5pm on Fridays, then again across the weekend. Each episode will also be released as a podcast every Saturday.